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Clay Pigeon Disciplines

The Clay Disciplines exercised at Irish Shooting Sports from Down the Line (DTL), Ball Trap, Olympic Trap, Universal Trench, Double Trap, National and Olympic Skeet, Compact Sporting and Sporting. These are explained below:

At Irish Shooting Sports, we have a minimum of 10 sporting stands set up to shoot all year round. Our sporting layout caters for both the novice and experienced shooter. We also have a separate corporate layout for those trying their hand at the sport for the first time.

Compact Sporting
This disciplines involves 5 stationary targets. At Irish Shooting Sports our Compact Sporting layout operates all year round.

This is the most basic form of trap shooting. The name is so called because shooters move to the right (3 yards) five times in a typical round of 25.

Ball Trap
A complex form of trap shooting with targets travelling at a high speed. Ball Trap can be used as a stepping stone into Olympic trap. Targets fly away from the shooter at a great speed and at a variation of different angles.

Olympic Trap
The most sophisticated form of Clay shooting and is designed for a high level of expertise in shooting and is an Olympic event.

National Skeet
A great event that is hugely popular worldwide. Shooting crossing targets from singles to doubles this is sure to light the imagination.

Olympic Skeet
The Olympic version of National Skeet with faster targets coming with random delays.

Double Trap
Another of the Olympic events where the competitor has to fire at two clays in the air at the same time.

Universal Trench
Very similar to Olympic Trap in many ways but would be slightly easier to shoot and caters for mid level to experienced shooters.

Irish Shooting Sports is proud of the variety of disciplines exercised on the premises, we welcome all inquisitive parties to trial the experiences we offer. Click here for gift vouchers