Tikka T3x Roughtech .243 Rifle


Tikka T3x Roughtech .243 Rifle

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Tikka T3x Roughtech .243 Rifle

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Tikka T3x Roughtech .243 Rifle

The Roughtech is the latest in the T3x range of rifles. The first eye catching feature of the Tikka T3x Roughtech is the fluted bolt which saves weight and looks great. A fluted barrel also saves weight and enhances the look of the rifle. The Roughtech coating on this T3x stock is much more durable than a standard synthetic stock, it also provides much greater grip. As with other T3X rifles, the pistol grip can be changed to a grip featuring a more vertical angle or with a soft touch feel and a front mounting point on the forend will allow a larger oversized ‘Varmint’ style forend insert to be fitted onto the stock if desired – both available to buy as an accessory. The fitted recoil pad reduces the impact of recoil on the shoulder allowing you to concentrate fully on the accuracy of your shots.

T3x Roughtech is supplied with a muzzle break and is threaded with a 5/8″-24 UNEF thread for a sound moderator.

Each rifle is tested by Tikka after manufacture to ensure it groups 3 rounds within 1 MOA at 100 metres.

Supplied with 3 Round magazine

Threaded 5/8″ UNEF for a sound moderator

Weight – 2.9kg