Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic 22-250

Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic 22-250


Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic 22-250

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Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic 22-250


Condition 9/10

Comes with sako optilock base/rings and Leupold V3 6.5-20×50 Long Range

The Sako 85 range of rifles are as good as it gets. Each rifle is tested after manufacture to ensure they group 5 rounds within 1 MOA at 100 metres. The Sako 85 Stainless Synthetic is an ideal rifle for field use as it is short, light weight and accurate.

A cold-hammer forged stainless steel barrel has been used for durability, reducing the chance that the rifle will rust or pit while out in the field. Sako rifles have a fully floating barrel and a light weight but solid stock made out of glass fibre reinforced polymer ensuring rigidity and repeatability. The stock has been coated all over with a ‘soft touch’ coating and rubber pads have been placed in key areas for long term grip. Being an all-weather synthetic stainless, this rifle is low maintenance and very durable making it ideal for deer stalking.

Sako rifles are finished to a very high level with a stainless steel magazine and trigger guard. The magazine is double stacking allowing 5 rounds to be held in the low profile magazine, the other advantage of a double stacking magazine is that it can be loaded from above which saves time if a follow up shot required. A three locking lug bolt has been used to make the action stronger and also to reduce the amount of time it takes to reload after a shot. Sako rifles feature a bolt release which allows the rifle to be unloaded whilst on safe.

Comes with 5 round stainless magazine

Threaded 14 x 1 for a sound moderator