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Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack

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  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Product Code: Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack
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DNV Battery Double Pack ...#79167

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Battery type: Ni-MH (Nickel metal hydride)
Quantity: 2 pcs
Capacity: 2.3 A·h
Full charge time: 6 h
Compatibility: Quantum

What's in the box

Battery pack | Charging container | Mains charger (100-240 V) | Case | User manual

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(DNV Battery Pack) Continuous operation time

Continuous operation time

Continuous operation time of digital night vision devices and thermal imagers when used with external power sources is several times longer when compared to operation time on a set of batteries.

(DNV Battery Pack) Compact size

Compact size

Pulsar DNV Battery Pack has dimensions that allow to place it in the battery compartments of Forward DFA75 digital attachments, Forward DN55 digital night vision scopes and all modifications of Quantum thermal imaging devices.

(DNV Battery Pack) Reliability


Pulsar DNV Battery Pack features the absence of cable connections which eliminates the risk of contact loss due to cable falling off.

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