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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23V Thermal

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  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Product Code: Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23V Thermal
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The Pulsar® Quantum Lite XQ23V Thermal Imaging Monocular provides optimum night vision capabilities for night observation and surveillance applications. A 1.8x–7.2x magnification, allows user to detect objects out to 875 meters. A 384x288 core with a 50Hz refresh rate delivers thermal images to a 640x480 AMOLED display. Three modes of operation: city, forest, and identification viewing provide optimal versatility, making the XQ23V an ideal choice for search and rescue missions, reconnaissance, hunting, law enforcement and military operations. The Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23V Thermal Imaging Monocular runs on 4 AA batteries (included), and an auto shut off saves batteries. The Quantum Lite XQ23V Monocular comes with carrying case, output video cable, video output power cable, hand strap, external battery container, a user manual, and a lens cleaning cloth.
Manufacturer model #: PL77337.

  • 1.8x–7.2x magnification
  • Detects objects out to 875 yards
  • 3 modes of operation
  • AMOLED display
  • 384x288 core
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • Auto shut off
  • For night observation and surveillance

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