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Zoli Custom Designs

New Zoli premium bespoke service

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You can avail of a factory visit to choose your gun with YOUR specifications from barrel marchio_zoli_HQlength and weight, forend and stock type, custom made with your choice of wood. Your gun can be a unique one off design, YOUR design! Contact Irish Shooting Sports today to get started.

Read more below about the innovative Zoli BHB system for fine-tuning the balance of your shotgun.

choose your gun with YOUR specifications


Zoli BHB System

Stock grip device and forearm barrel weight system


What is balance worth without control?


The Zoli BHB Stock Grip and Barrel Weight devices are two innovative systems designed, produced and patented by Zoli S.r.l. to fine-tune the balance of your shotgun.

fine-tune the balance of your shotgun

The BHB Stock Grip balancing device consists of one to six disk weights to be inserted into a cylindrical channel created in your stock pistol grip. The BHB Barrel Weight system consists of one to twenty weights to be applied to the side rib of your shotgun, under the forearm. Up to three ounces can be added to each location keeping the weight totally between the hands. The two devices together create an extremely effective, flexible and quick system which allows you to balance your shotgun precisely without altering its structure – as you shoot a practice round.

The Zoli BHB Barrel Weight and Stock Grip system is the result of extensive research and development. The system has been heavily tested by extremely qualified shooters such as Marco Venturini, Philippe Marthy, Adriano Avveduto, Brad Kidd Jr., Todd Simmons, Ashley Hafley and Becky Bream to name a few: world famous champions who demand high performance gun handling.

The perfect balance of a gun goes hand in hand with total control and maximum comfort during the phases of the so called “Firing Time” – from the moment the target is called to the actual pulling of the trigger. Every shooter has a specific built, morphology and reaction time and, therefore, needs a special product which allows them to adjust the balance and dynamics for this critical time. The Zoli BHB balancing system is the perfect response to this need. Next to a custom made stock and barrel, the BHB system is the most important step towards the creation of the perfectly customized gun where endless adjustments make it possible to get to the perfect, individual handling characteristics.

The Zoli BHB system is unique not only because it is flexible and fast but especially because of the quality of the balance. The system acts on balance and control at the same time – two sides of the same coin! While it is easy to verify the balance of a shotgun statically, its control can be verified only dynamically. In other words, it is only while handling a shotgun that one can really understand if it has been balanced properly. That is the reason why Zoli has designed and produced its BHB Balancing system to be easily adjusted during practice.

 “By perfecting the dynamics of swing and control the shooter expands less energy per station and reserves stamina for more critical targets” - Brad Kidd Jr.

The components of the two Zoli BHB devices can be purchased and/or applied either together or separately. However it is the combination of the two systems which gives the best possible results. Both systems operate in the location on the shotgun between
the shooter’s hands. With the Zoli BHB system you optimize the balance of your shotgun while improving your control. “By perfecting the dynamics of swing and control the shooter expands less energy per station and reserves stamina for more critical targets” Brad Kidd Jr.

 - Zoli